Recreational Trails and Biking

Recreational Trails and Biking

Within the last 5 years Winneshiek County has made tremendous strides when it comes to trails. The Prairie Farmer trail, was open for years, but with a crushed limestone surface, it was not ideal for many types of activities. In 2006 the 20-mile trail was asphalted, allowing for a great new surface for all types of bikers, runners and walkers.

The brand new Trout Run Trail 11-mile loop is finally completed and look at those jaws drop! Visitors from across the country are in awe as they enjoy the sites along the way. We are told every day, "We cannot believe how pretty it is here! We thought Iowa was flat!"

If you're up for more of a challenge, Decorah offers some of the best mountain biking trails in all of the Midwest. Numerous events and races are held here each year and a dedicated group of volunteers maintains the entire trail system, totaling more than 18 miles! The trails are open to bikers, hikers, cross country skiers and a few sections are open for horses.

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